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Welcome to the driveTIME Training Center

We have a collection of resources to offer our new drivers. Videos shown below will help you get started with driveTIME. Need more help getting started? Contact Customer Care at 877.516.9373 or

driveTIME Quick Start Videos

driveTIME – 1st Time Log in

Logging in and Connecting

Click Here for PDF guide to connecting via Bluetooth

Certifying and Emailing Logs

DVIR Creation

Fuel Receipt Entry

Roadside Inspection

Supporting Documents

View Documents
*Requires free login to Cartasite Support Site

The required documents to have inside vehicles are Starred ★

Driver Best Practices

These rules will help drivers avoid errors and prevent violations.

Sample Daily Workflow using driveTIME

Practice this workflow every day for the best driveTIME experience.

PDF Downloads

worldVIEW Dashboard User Manual

Download the worldVIEW Dashboard User manual to obtain instructions for everything Dashboard, including viewing trip details, drawing a geofence, setting up notifications, running reports and analytics, and using SafeConnect.

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