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Cartasite Data Scientist to Present at the International Conference on Managing Fatigue

Cartasite Data Scientist to Present at the International Conference on Managing Fatigue

Findings from a large-scale study into the effects of cumulative fatigue on driver performance

Cartasite, the leader in advancing solutions that help companies to enhance their safety and operational efficiency, today announced that Gregory Kushnir, Ph.D., Cartasite’s Chief Data Scientist, is presenting his latest research on Cumulative Fatigue at the International Conference on Managing Fatigue.

The research focuses on the aggregate effect of all activities, including but not limited to driving, that individuals are involved with while being away from their ‘Homebase’ to determine if there is a measurable effect on the individual’s driving behavior and safety performance.

The new Hours of Service rules from the US Department of Transportation attempt to do a better job of monitoring time behind the wheel, but there is more to fatigue management than just driving. “Cumulative fatigue isn’t limited to just how much time you spend driving”, noted Dr. Kushnir, “it’s related to how long you have been working.  If you are regularly working 60-hour work weeks, fatigue is just a part of your life, and it will place you at higher risk.”  Time away from your primary place of rest, your ‘homebase’ can be an important indicator of chronic fatigue.

Correlating this information with telemetry data from ROVR, Cartasite’s In-Vehicle Monitoring System, has shown that the effects are measurable and significant. “Cartasite’s technology has allowed us to assess the direct effects of chronic fatigue on driver performance. Armed with this insight, supervisors can adjust work schedules and manage dispatching to ensure safe fleet operations,” observed Dr. Kushnir.

Session Details:
Title: “Cumulative Driver Fatigue”
Date: Tuesday, 21 March 2017, 3:30 – 5:00PM PST
Location: Westin San Diego, Gaslamp Quarter

About the Conference:
The “Managing Fatigue” conference series is an established and respected forum for research updates and discussions within the fatigue management community. Each conference has primarily focused on the effects of fatigue in the transportation sector and has involved support from government, industry, and academia. The theme of this year’s event is “Managing Fatigue to Improve Safety, Wellness, and Effectiveness.” More information on the conference is available at http://www.fatigueconference2017.com