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With deployments in 31 countries, you can rely on Cartasite’s realtime GPS asset tracking and monitoring systems to produce results that enhance operating efficiency, worker safety, and protect the environment. We understand sensors, networks and telemetry. With our GPS tracking oil and gas based solutions working for you, your operations will have the realtime support and assurance they need.

  • Realtime geospatial dashboard for safer, more efficient field operations
  • Fleet management technologies optimized for energy and natural resource
  • Analytics to enhance efficiency, streamline field process and ensure safety
  • Simple, cost effective deployments will transform your world overnight

Our Solutions

Manage Your Mobile Enterprise in One Place

Fleet Management & Driving Safety

Effective fleet management demands more than just putting dots on a map. Through our oil and gas fleet management solutions, we are able to deliver realtime visibility into the operating condition and location of every asset, remote worker, and vehicle. Additionally, with GPS asset tracking, we can improve driving behavior through automatic feedback while saving you time and money and increasing worker safety.

Remote Worker Safety

On location can also mean out of coverage. Equip your workers with an enterprise-grade communication and safety lifeline. Our satellite-based emergency locator runs on either continuous power or batteries so your workers have full coverage all the time.

Asset Monitoring & Security

Realtime asset tracking and fleet management allows you to know precisely where every piece of equipment is located and how it is being used anywhere and anytime. Our intrinsically safe (C1/D1) solution installs in less than a minute and runs for years on batteries. Our GPS tracking oil and gas solutions are designed to streamline your asset management through one centralized location and track your assets with our solutions where other products cannot go.

Environmental Regulatory Compliance

The consequences for non-compliance can result in huge fines and severe backlash from the local community. We developed a simple, low cost solution to ensure that wellsite emissions are minimized. Our new system takes just minutes to install and ensures that your tanks are properly sealed.

Field Operations and Production Reporting & Analytics

Cartasite is taking the paper out of field work. We set out to simplify and streamline field data collection and reporting. Our mobile application is changing the way the work gets done and reported. Our realtime production dashboard is designed for wellsite data analysis and reporting. Together with our customers, we are building the digital oil field of the future and we are delivering it today.

Some of Our Well-Known Clients

Channel Partners

  • "In the 30 years I've been in the safety business, I have never seen a tool have a greater, faster impact in modifying behavior in my entire career... It's just amazing how far the technology has come and what that information can do. Our device is paying for itself."

    Pete Rybacki, HSE Advisor at ConocoPhillips
  • "We implemented Cartasite's program in 2010. I've looked at lot of technologies and at a lot of different companies: [Cartasite is] easy to use, offers customization and has all the factors. It is a great value to us."

    Col. Mark Trostel, Driver Safety Advisor, Encana Corporation

meet our team

our executive leadership has deep expertise in the energy industry,
specifically oil and gas

Cartasite’s management team has deep roots in the energy and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) industries. Together they have a proven track record delivering outstanding service, breakthrough technology, and practical results to the oil and gas industry worldwide.


CEO and Founder

David Armitage began his career as a successful exploration geoscientist, drilling deep wells in the Anadarko basin of Oklahoma. He started one of the world's first commercial GIS companies, GeoGraphix which developed sophisticated subsurface modeling, analytic, and visualization software. GeoGraphix became a subsidiary of Halliburton in the mid-90's, and Armitage launched his next venture, Qubit delivering some of the world's first wireless Internet tablets. Armitage's insatiable thirst for building great companies led to the launch of Cartasite in 2004, with the dream of bringing Realtime Operational Intelligence to the energy and natural resource industries. Armitage graduated from St Lawrence University with a BS in Geology and Economics.



Stevenson joined Cartasite as President in August 2013. He comes with a background of over 30 years of management and engineering experience in several industries including energy, software and imaging systems, and management consulting. Previously he served as COO of TerraSpark Geosciences, CEO of Translation Technologies (TTI), President of Geographix, CEO of Photometrics Ltd., and GM/VP at Information Handling Services (IHS), where he was responsible for creating a new Global Energy Product Group. Stevenson holds MBA and Bachelor of Engineering Science degrees, both from Dartmouth College.


Chief Technology Officer

Sinclair, a Colorado native, has nearly 20 years of technology and software development experience. He has managed IT departments and software development teams in a number of industries including finance, energy, and mobile applications development. Bill’s domain expertise in the oil and gas industry guided his previous venture, Agelio Networks and the development of MineralFile, a patented SaaS platform for revenue tracking and land management in the oil and gas industry. He successfully sold MineralFile in the fall of 2014. Bill joined the Cartasite team in April of 2015 as Chief Technology Officer. He manages Cartasite strategic initiatives and leads the product and engineering departments. He is passionate about the customer experience and solving real world problems with technology.


VP of Strategic Accounts

Bautista has over 20 years experience in the oil and gas industry, as both a sales executive and petroleum engineer. She began her career as a petroleum engineer with Chevron in the San Joaquin Valley. Lynelle has been a key revenue contributor to several successful oil and gas technology companies, including Decisioneering (now Oracle), Merak Projects (acquired by Schulumberger), and Schlumberger Information Solutions. She joined Cartasite in 2009 and has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Engineering from Stanford University.

Kushnir PHD

VP Product Engineering

Dr. Kushnir is a resourceful and highly accomplished IT executive with 38 years of diversified management, software product development, and R&D experience within corporate and start-up, technology-related environments in the Exploration & Production Sector of the Oil and Gas Industry. Prior to joining Cartasite in 2006, Dr. Kushnir held executive positions with A2D Technologies (2004-2006), Tobin International (2000-2004), Shared Earth Technologies, Inc. (1998-2000). He also worked at GeoGraphix from 1989 to 1998. Dr. Kushnir started his professional career in 1976 as a geoscientist with All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Geology (VNIGNI).



Hardin’s strong background in finance and operations have focused on the unique challenges of start-up companies, driving her focus on process definition and implementation, cost control and compliance, and maximization of resources. Past enhancement and program structure changes have contributed to a 25% annual growth rate, 20% reduction in costs, improved employee retention and consistent management to plan. Hardin joined Cartasite in 2008, bringing a resourceful and tenacious approach to problem solving and cost management, quality and efficiency.


Director of Operations

Bassett is a California native who moved to Denver, CO 2009. Kyle has spent the last ten years in various sales and leadership roles. He spent 5 years as the National Sales Manager for a hosted software provider where amongst other achievements; he brought in and managed a software partner who integrated their service into over 200,000 users’ platforms. Kyle has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of business development, project management, operations, M2M technologies, sales, and service delivery. In 2012, Kyle joined the Cartasite team where he currently leads the customer support and fulfillment departments and also helps support sales and marketing efforts. He continues to focus on internal process in relation to both productivity and the customer experience.

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