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Safeguarding Lone Worker Operations
We understand that a company’s most valuable asset is their workforce. The ability to track your remote workers and even more importantly, knowing they’re safe is crucial to remote or lone worker operations.

With roots that run deep in the oil and gas industry, we understand that lone workers are sometimes operating in remote, high-risk locations, and need to stay connected – especially when their cell phones don’t have service.

Innovations to Protect Your Remote Workers
Our homeSAFE and SPOT systems promote lone worker safety by enabling a global 911 emergency response system and/or remote communication anywhere on the planet. Whether a worker is on an offshore platform, a remote well site, or any other remote location in-between, we enable companies to lower the risks associated with deploying workers into areas that might be high-risk and/or remote.

Our SPOT system is certified Class 1/Division 1 to enable oil and gas workers to safely use our technologies while working near explosive atmospheres.

We have created solutions which allow oil and gas workers in remote situations to both check in and communicate back and forth via text, as well as provide a valuable global 911 system that will alert the appropriate parties in an emergency situation.

Both homeSAFE and SPOT allow you to view employee data and location via our enterprise Realtime Geospatial Dashboard, worldVIEW.