ROVR Fleet Management Driver Safety Fleet Tracking with ROVR
Fleet Driver Safety Fleet Tracking with ROVR

More than Simple GPS Tracking – ROVR Motivates Safer Driving

ROVR ProductPage Fleet Tracking with ROVRThe Realtime Operational Vehicle Reporting System (ROVR) is the ultimate solution for realtime fleet management. Easy-to-install, easy-to-monitor – our fleet management system offers much more than standard GPS Tracking.

ROVR encourages drivers to be an active participant in their own safety by offering:

ROVR Driver Scorecard Fleet Tracking with ROVR

✓ Monitoring of driving behaviors including hard-braking, rapid starts, and speeding
✓ Weekly Driver Scorecards revealing patterns proven to be leading indicators of risk
✓ Constructive feedback to change and improve harmful driving habits
✓ Ranked performance to previous weeks and overall company averages

Our approach with ROVR is to focus on the leading indicators of risk and positively engage drivers with effective feedback – the key to changing any human behavior. Our Weekly Driver Scorecards are easy to understand and provide useful insights into driving behavior. We further encourage fleet management to implement reward-based incentive programs, which has shown to create constructive competition between drivers.

View the full brochure on why ROVR is superior to standard GPS fleet management and tracking systems
Take a look at a ROVR Weekly Driver Scorecard

Exceptional Benefits of worldVIEW – Our Realtime Geospatial Dashboard

We know your world. worldVIEW is our proprietary realtime geospatial dashboard that works with ROVR – giving fleet managers up to the minute reports on where each of their drivers are and how they’re doing. In addition to trip mapping abilities, worldVIEW offers:

worldVIEW fleet management dashboard1 Fleet Tracking with ROVR✓ Monitoring or blocking cell phone use with cellSAFE
✓ Speed2Street alerts when drivers exceed posted speed limits
✓ Alerts when drivers enter or exit specified areas set with Geofences
✓ Electronic log of Unplug Events for each vehicle reported every month
✓ Realtime Driver Notifications sent to fleet managers via email or SMS

ROVR Saves Money and Our Planet

ROVR Saving Money Planet Fleet Tracking with ROVRROVR reduces fuel consumption by as much as a gallon of gas per day per vehicle. Safe, conservative driving can improve fuel economy by as much as 22%. ROVR also monitors excessive idling, which wastes fuel and dramatically shortens engine life. While some engine idling is necessary for field operations, without an In Vehicle Monitoring System companies have no way to measure – or therefore affect – their fuel usage due to idling.

ROVR is Easy to Install, Operate, and Maintain

With decades of oil and gas experience, the ROVR system was designed with a deep understanding of oilfield operations. We realize that your priority is production – so our fleet management system is easy to use, operate, and maintain.

Cartasite offers comprehensive training and world-class customer service. With online product forums, live chat, and phone support available you can start managing your fleet in realtime quickly and easily with ROVR.

     Product Features & Benefits     

• In-cab feedback option
• Multi-driver identification option
• Measures lateral accelteration
• Works with all engine types – Combustion, CNG, Hybrid
• Speed versus Street Technology – identifies speeding relative to posted limits
• Works with all major cellular carriers
• Large buffer captures data while vehicle is out of cell coverage
• Automatic, over-the-air updates
• Reduces fuel consumption by over 20%
• Reduces motor vehicle crashes by over 54%
• Reduces carbon footprint and emissions by over 14%
• Weekly Driver Scorecards track driving patterns and constructive feedback
• FREE integration with our web application worldVIEW

    Technical Specifications    

• Height: 4″ (102mm)
• Width: 2″ (51mm)
• Thickness: 0.85″ (22mm)
• Weight: 3 oz (85g)
• Operating Temp: -35°F to 167°F (-30°C to 75°C)
• Operating Humidity: 95% R.H. @ 70°C non-cndensing
• No Batteries Required

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