Cartasite’s mission is to deliver realtime operational intelligence to the global energy and natural resource industries.

Making smart decisions depends upon accurate, up-to-the-minute data. Cartasite brings that to you with our technology solutions. Our devices, apps, and realtime dashboard will ensure that you always know where your assets are and how they are being utilized.

Fleet Management

ROVR fleet technology allows you to safely manage the most efficient fleets on the planet. Using a combination of GPS fleet tracking and patented Driver Scorecards, our fleet management system has proven to reduce motor vehicle crashes and fuel consumption.

Lone Worker Safety

We created homeSAFE to make sure lone workers are safe in the field 24/7. The mobile application features 4 modes to ensure lone worker safety. SPOT allows lone workers to stay connected where cell phones won’t work. Together, they ensure that lone workers return home safely every day.

Asset Tracking

The globalTAG GPS asset tracking system allows you to monitor run-time and track important powered and non-powered pieces of equipment in the field. Knowing where your assets are, when they moved, and what their total run-time is will increase equipment utilization and reduce man-hours.

Field Operations

smartFIELD uses QR codes and a smartphone app to drastically improve your company's efficiency in the field by saving time on data entry and reducing errors. vaporLOCK lets you know when a tank is open so you can avoid unnecessary emissions and fines.